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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics

The cat KNOWS how badly you need the laptop: and when you finally get the laptop will need to pee and this starts the cycle all over again.

Funny Pictures – 48 Pics Jessica Dillon

A survivor's story: Mercury may only have two legs, but he has adapted incredibly well and does the best damn t-rex impression you've ever seen!!! Reed all about Mercury on facebook at "RaisingMercury." #‎mercuryismyruler‬

My Happy home consists of 1 Cat 3 Dogs 2 Birds and have 11 chickens (chickens r outside lol) welcome to my zoo LOL oh yes and a teenager to boot ROFL

Checkin' out the other side of the fence...

How to Know Your Cat Really Loves You. Light nips to your elbow, chin, or tip of nose? High personal regard! (On the other hand, #10 sometimes means that you are such an inept hunter that they worry about you.)

Every home with a child should have a cat for it to love!

Man I feel So Good...What was in those Little Friskies?

cat alphabet cross stitch - just realized how much of a loser i really am thinking this is the cat's meow (pun intended)