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8 1/2 x 11 / "you are my greatest adventure" print

I would take this ride again with you in a heartbeat. One more chance to watch you breathe. One more chance to whisper in your ear. One more time of no words, just my arms sliding around your waist....pulling you close......silence, but our heart talking constantly. You really were my very first love......and you'll be my last. No one could ever touch this or compare to you. So in love through the pain.



View into a hyperbolic dodecahedral lattice. WMAP data suggest the universe is finite in some fashion, says Weeks, because fluctuations in the microwave background offer a rough indication of the size of the universe. Just like waves in a bathtub are puny

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10 Benefits to a Gratitude Journal

The daily text was so good today! No matter what trials we might come against always take comfort in the blessings of Jehovah and his love for us❤️

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