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    Pam Logan arrives at Central Court, Sydney, to give evidence in the Bogle-Chandler murder inquiry, 24 May 1953. Miss Logan was the girlfriend of Mr Chandler whose wife, Mrs Chandler, was found murdered with her lover, Mr Bogle, on the banks of the Lane Cove River. many innocent people were smeared by the strange deaths including Miss Logan. The deaths and the inquest became a media circus.

    Carpet which covered Dr. Gilbert Bogle in the new year Chandler-Bogle murder mystery, Police C.I.B., Sydney, 16 Jan 1963. From the collections of the State Library of NSW.

    (Unidentified male) Bogle-Chandler Inquest, Central Court, Sydney, 24 May 1963. From the collections of the State Library of NSW.

    Mr. Ernest Samuel Ogg, Gov't. Analyst for NSW, supervised testing for presence of poisonous substances in organs of Bogle and Chandler. Sydney Morning Herald, May 22, 1963

    Dr J. Laing and government analysts work on human tissue samples at the Coroner's Court, Sydney, for the Bogle-Chandler murder inquiry, 1 July 1963.

    Beaumont Children who disappeared strangely from Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia on January 26, 1966 during the Australia Day celebration. The Beaumont case became the most largest police investigations in Australian criminal history and remains Australia’s most infamous cold case.

    Unsolved No 6, True Crime, Dr Gilbert Bogle. Who Slew The Sydney Scientist. "In this issue, Sunday Times journalist, Philip Knightley investigates the mysterious deaths of Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler in Sydney in 1963. Who killed them - and how."

    Michael McCormick, 17, one of the two boys who found the body of Dr. Bogle. From Sydney Morning Herald, 02 Jan 1963.

    One of the most terrible of Australian lost child stories was the never explained disappearance – on a hot Australia Day from Glenelg Beach in Adelaide in 1966 – of the three Beaumont children, Jane, Arnna and Grant Read more:

    Witness in the Bogle-Chandler case, Inquest, Central Court. May 1963. From the collections of the State Library of NSW.

    The Beaumont Children

    Detectives and the coroner at the Bogle Chandler murder scene.

    Australian mysteries

    Taman Shud Case - Adelaide SA Australia

    Identified in caption as Mrs. Ruth Nash and Mrs. Margaret Fowler, witnesses in the Bogle-Chandler case, Central Court, Inquest, May 1963. From the collections of the State Library of NSW.

    What really happened at Hanging Rock?

    The Family Murders - Adelaide SA Australia - Adeliade City of Corpses....

    Curious History, The Famous Case of Emilie Sagée and her Doppleganger

    The Lindbergh kidnapping case - The Lindbergh baby, Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. son of the famous aviator, was kidnapped on March 1, 1932 and murdered in Hopewell, NJ and the subsequent trial was considered one of the biggest stories of the time. Bruno Hauptmann was eventually convicted of the crime and executed on April 3, 1936. He always maintained his innocence and some evidence suggests that he might have been.

    About 14 detached feet (in sport shoes) were found mysteriously on the shores between British Columbia and Washington in 2007. The case is still ongoing.