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ASL Numbers 1 to 30 - American Sign Language Chart great for advancing baby sign language

Real Life at Homefrom Real Life at Home

Teaching American Sign Language: 7 More Creative Ways

American Sign Language Can Benefit Everyone - My teachers used some sign language in the classroom and it was really helpful, rather than calling out, we knew the words for bathroom, sink, tissue, and would sign it to our teacher, and she would nod or shake her head if it was an appropriate time to go!

Time Related Words. The signs for 'time', 'minute' and 'hour' are the same in SASL (although there are other variations)

Great post about needing to move away from behavior charts. I loved the part about giving kids time to "take a break," rather than "time out." What a positive flip!

My family do this all the time. So next time you see someone signing and wonder if they are talking about you? Yes we are.