If I ever have a chicken coop! Maurice is an old, half-crushed 1970 Morris Traveler converted into a chicken coop by Michael Thompson. He cut the car in half, painted the interior black to create a private area for egg laying and cut a hole into the back door.

Chicken Coop!

The Coop - Love it!!!

Chicken coop made from pallets by beautiful girl

chicken coop

Great chicken coop!

chicken coop/ pony barn

Chicken coop!

Milk Cartons can be reused for anything... chicken coop...

chicken coop

great coop



Chicken coop

Chicken Coop

I love this backyard chicken coop!

Cool modern chicken coop.

Small chicken coop

Dresser Chicken Coop http://www.freeredirector.com

Large Indoor Plants for Interior Landscaping by Plantscape Inc.

They call this the "Poop Coop." How clever and hilarious!