winking eye origami cool!



Make one of these cool hand patterns.

Op-art for kids

DIY Drawing 3D art drawing diy craft diy ideas diy craft projects this is awesome I've done it for my kids each year and put it in their baby book

Trace hands and feet, then draw the rest! -- 29 clever activities for kids that adults will actually enjoy doing, too!

12 Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

Fun art project: too cool not to share, but link is dead. Anyone seen the original source so we can give this person credit for this awesome idea?

Mrs. Artwork - glimpses of my art education: Op Art - Part 1: Cones

направи си сам хартиени играчки

OP art

These are awesome. Outlines of famous works of art for kids to color.

Craft Ideas (for kids!) / Handprint Calendar. Have them do their print each month, see how much their hands have grown by the end of the year!

op art for kids

Very hungry caterpillar wall art

3D drawing

Craft for Mother's or Father's Day.

Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Art for Kids