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A stunning pair of nearly identical Lightning Ridge Black Opals. These rare stone are both more valuable and more fragile than diamonds. They remind me of pictures from deep space and that awesome trinket on the cats collar, in the film MEN IN BLACK – “The galaxy is on Orion’s belt.” My comment: Everything is more fragile than diamonds. Diamonds are the hardest substance in nature.

from Gemma News Service

World’s Most Famous Opals

The Aurora Australis was discovered at Lightning Ridge, an old sea bed, in 1938 by Charlie Dunstan and is considered the world’s most valuable black opals. The cut and polished stone features a harlequin pattern in which red, green, and blue are the dominant colors against the stone’s black background. The Aurora Australis weighs 180 carats and measures 3 inches by 1.8 inches

from Etsy

Labradorite cabachons 4 to 5 grams25mm) each approx 25 carats each

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