This photo almost makes you think of the ocean as a giant globe. The shadows forming land and the white waters creating the clouds. Very unique photo.


Water reflects sunlight and a bit of rainbow colors like cracked mirrors or stained glass. WATER OF LIFE.

//"There must be something sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea." #sea #ocean


Portrayal of the cycle of the ocean in comparison to the cycle in live is waht Henry Wadsworth Longfellow does in "The tide Rises, the Tide Falls." The inspiration of his poem is noticeable in the picture because of the relaxing yet adventures tides kissing the shore.

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Take me to the Ocean, let me sail the open sea and breathe the warm et salty air and dream of things to be...


some of the best memories are made in flip flops (or bare feet)...some days I just want to be a beach bum

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.Tempest on the high seas

The sky and ocean are each looking in a mirror, how the reflect one another. All shades of blue are so beautiful and calming.



I would love to blow this up HUGE and hang it somewhere in the house. I <3 water photos

#NosGusta #NosInspira thisnormallife: “ cape kiwanda, or | sept 21st | ©thisnormallife ”

Sea shore


'the power of the ocean is a testament to the necessity of MOVEMENT. It is through our diligent effort to keep moving in the wake of Life's storms that we gain POWER.