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homemade-spackle with only cornstarch, salt, and water. I found adding flour helped immensely!

homemade mosquito trap

How to Make a Homemade Spackle Compound- perfect for when you're in a pinch

{18 All-Natural Homemade Cleaners} that really work!

Homemade glue

homemade EASY to make glue

How to Prevent Water Spots on Shower Doors! ~ at TheFrugalGirls.com - this simple little trick works like a charm on showers! #thefrugalgirls

This simple and frugal homemade de-icer recipe will make scraping your windshield on cold winter mornings a much easier task! {on Stain Removal 101}

How Did You Paint That? This is probably the number one question I get--how did you paint that, what is your paint technique? Honestly, I am not sure I have a technique, but I will attempt to share with you what I do. However, I do have a disclaimer: I have been painting furniture for a dozen years.

Beyond The Picket Fence: How Did You Paint That?..Painting Pallet wood. I like the affect staining it after painting the color gives it.

opening packages with a can opener! BRILLIANT!

Distilling rose water

Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb, that you can have really cute designs shine on your wall?

*Life hack*

Popsicle stick bracelets: boil in water for 15 minutes then place in cup to dry Seriously want to do this with my daughter!

My fingernails thank you

Did you just paint a piece of furniture only to see that the paint is now peeling on it? Here's why that happened and what you can do to fix it.

Make your laundry smell extra fresh with this DIY scent booster!

recycle! >> Smart and simple!