Five Waldorf Verses to Sing Through the Day with Children with Sarah Baldwin - not exactly a toy but lovely transition verses to use with children.

*Transitions* A transition song for winding kids down from a high activity to a sit-down activity.

I tried this with the preschool group using the full-body movements and they LOVED it! We always have to do it more than once.▶ Snowflakes: Winter Action Song for Kids - YouTube

Even more songs and verse... a couple of autumn verses

Educating Children For The Journey: Jack Petrash at TED YouTube Best quote of why to allow children to PLAY "When we teach children through a foundation of active play and a solid framework of artistic experiences, we help them develop the third essential ability, a capacity for dynamic, curious, and original thinking, a thinking that enables our children to ask the questions that are still waiting to be asked."

Basic Waldorf Verses for morning, afternoon, snack, story time, birthday and goodnight.

Omg I just found this wynstones seasonal songs! love!

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THE WALDORF SONG BOOK Collected by Brien Masters This book contains over 100 songs-some well known, others less known, including rounds and four part songs. Arranged by age and time of year. (16 dollars)

Waldorf ~ Circle ~ Winter ~ Songs, Verses, & Fingerplays

Clean Up Transition Song, from Sarah of Bella Luna Toys: "Tick Tock goes the clock, what does it have to say? Time for us to pick up our toys, and put them all away."

lovely waldorf newsletters with recipes ,songs ,crafts

waldorf teacher games and songs click on this link and it will show up

20 Songs that Add Rhyme to Your Routine. We already do a couple similar songs to this especially for clean up time/shower time.

Waldorf toy storage

Tips/Strategies for working with oppositional, defiant, or aggressive children! WOW!

Waldorf home preschool curriculum--PDF files for 6-week units that emphasize imagination and creativity

Music time: kids pretend to be worms and wiggle around the room while singing the song then the teacher(bird) snaches one up at the end of the song!

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Simple Songs from a waldorf preschool