a dragon.... for me?

Ann Demeulemeester Silver Claw Ring

These Mini Dragons Cling To Your Fingers And Ears

dragon rings

I want this so bad.

bunny ♥

dragon opal

Just like Beauty and the Beast! I LOVE this!

Wicked Tentacle Ring size 9.5 11.5 par OctopusMe sur Etsy, $185.00

Tiny Dragon Ring!!!



Wild flower long stem sterling silver earring studs.

This is so neat!!


octopus - kinda freaky - but cool! I need this for my pirate costume!

victorian steampunk time traveler pendant

Golden Snitch Bracelet In Silver- Steampunk Harry Potter Golden Snitch Keepsake $3.99

Octopus Tentacle Ring 10k and 14k gold contamporary gold Ring octopus jewelry by zulasurfing

'Fleur' Rainbow Steampunk butterfly ring