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CITYHOPPER+ - Over the past year Sven Boekhorst and his team have been working on a different approach on how they could grab everyone’s attention, both inside the skate world as well as outside our cozy realm.

Ed’s Story – Dealing with the Upcoming Death - When Ed was told that his life would be over in a few short years, he found his priorities drastically rearranged. He wanted to mend relationships that may have been broken.

Lost at Sea - Scuba diver Peter Trayhurn shares his life changing day when he and his buddy got lost at sea, 8 miles/8km off the Australien east coast. Pictures from his camera show the dramatic situation. The best stories are written by life ifself.

One Day in the Life of a Men’s Monastery - Documentary non-feature film about daily life of a Men’s Monastery in Abkhazia.

Berlin – Spy Labyrinths and Military Espionage Buildings. The film team is climbing through this city’s spy labyrinths and into the buildings that housed the hidden world of military espionage.

Naked Sea (1955). The Naked Sea was one of the best of the many feature-length documentaries distributed by RKO Radio in the mid-1950s. Narrated by William Conrad, the films follows the four-month, 15,000 mile journey of the tuna clipper Star Kist.

Surviving the Cold The film explores the way the human body reacts and adapts to cold and meets frost enthusiasts who willingly subject themselves to extreme temperatures.

Undercity – Explore New York Underground - Follow fearless Steve Duncan and experience the underground of New York. He tries to “peel back the layers of a city to see what’s underneath.”