ensphere: “ (via On Top Of The World: Photo by Photographer Nigel Cross - photo.net) ”

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites

One of the best reflections I have ever seen even though I am not really a seagull fan.

Merde! - Photography (Arctic Terns, via fat-birds)

Dancing Blue Footed Booby Bird

as they say in spanish, el pavo real (the real turkey). (i know this isn't a home accoutrement but i can't help but feel like this peacock is a bedazzler!)

Pied Avocet

American Kestrel

There's always one

Jackal Buzzard (Buteo rufofuscus) is a 45–55 cm long African bird of prey. The taxonomy on this species is confusing, with some taxonomists considering this species, the Archer's Buzzard, and the Augur Buzzard to be the same superspecies.

Pelican love these colors


Blue Love Birds

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