How cool would it be to have a glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt!

how fun!-Glow Sticks inside Easter eggs, makes for a great hunt in the dark

March or April... 50 things to hide in Easter eggs BESIDES CANDY! So many fun ideas! Not all items suitable for all ages

what a fun take on the 'egg & spoon race', perfect for an outdoor summer party :)

Astounding Tricks To Do With Eggs Thinking of Dr. Seuss and green eggs and ham.

This looks like so much fun for Easter!

Beach Ball Arch - simple and can be super cheap!

Color coordinated Easter egg hunt. You can only collect your color of egg - stops one kid from getting all the eggs - must remember this...

Easter Egg hunts are such fun! We usually color hard-boiled eggs the day before Easter, and then the Easter Bunny hides them for the kids to find in the morning. I was thinking of trying out some new hunt ideas, and found all the awesome egg hunt ideas below! Just …

egg-salad croissants! a fun easter appetizer

Once baked, salt dough can last for years, making these Easter egg ornaments a wwonderfully cheap way of decorating for Easter. With a bit of clear varnish, they can even be hung outside! Amy Christie explains how to make them. Why not get the kids to help you decorate them, for personal, memory-filled decorations that you can bring out year after year?

Make your own glow in the dark RAINBOW bounce balls using common household ingredients. So much fun! #kids #DIY #craft

Water bottles and glow sticks make for perfect glow-in-th-dark backyard bowling pins. Make at least six of these, and use any kind of ball (basketball, soccer ball, etc.) to knock down your glowing pins.

Target golf game. Easy to make, lots of fun. - good idea for some indoor winter fun!

Bunny Donuts...great for class parties!

22 Fun, Easy (and Cheap!) Easter Crafts for Kids...soo cool glow bugs fun fun fun

Glow Stick Rings Fun Night Games.

fun halloween games!

Mug with a hoop!

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