Hummingbird tattoo

Zentangle hummingbird, this is the perfect hummingbird tattoo that i have been looking for :)

Swirly butterfly tattoo on foot

Adore this tattoo but id have it done in a different place cause im 2 much of a wimp 2 get it on my must b agony!

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Love the colors!


@SumerHill this made me think of u :)

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With wings that flutter in the pattern of an infinity symbol, hummingbirds are associated with continuity, healing, and persistence. Delicate yet strong, the hummingbird actively seeks out the sweetest nectar representing our desire for the joyous gifts in life.


7 watercolor hummingbird back tattoo


I love those shoes!!! I know this pin is sposed to be more about the foot tattoo but those are over rated and they hurt..... I want the shoes!!!!!!