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Little Calf

Cows make me so happy!



Cows have such beautiful eyes and faces.

Look at that cute face.....how could you not love cows?


Hug a baby cow...yes, I know it's totally silly but I love cows and for some reason I just think hugging a baby cow would be so sweet.

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. I love farming and cows!

Are there mini cows like there are horses and pigs? I really want a let cow. Her name would be Betsy!! :3

Pretty Calf

Highland calf.

baby cow #CosasDeCampo

Cow and calf

Tenderness...heeland cow from Scotland or they can be called highland cow

Fact 2: See this cow? Everyone's like. "oh they're so cute!" NO. COWS SCARE THE HECK OUT OF ME. look how innocent he looks. Grrrr. Cows are my number one fear.

I would love to have a cow to talk to and cuddle with :) this one seems like he would be a good friend!

.I LOVE how cows always see no boundrys when it comes to the young. FYI, when all the cows are out in the field feeding, they appoint 1 cow to serve as "babysitter" for all the young, and this very important job rotates daily from 1 mom to another! I love cows!

Mom and baby cow... Really people its called a cow and calf!... City slickers

I want a cow so bad :(