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    • Myra Khokhar

      Yes, I don't hate gay people but I am against gay marriage

    • Noel Brockway

      ...and anyone who hates gay people, or hates anyone at all, can't really be a christian anyway

    • Lauren Batz

      "I don't hate gay people because God told us to love one another. I will be kind and love them, but that doesn't mean I agree with their lifestyle. I will pray for them, that they, will understand God's love and truth." <---- word's from previous pinner (@Rachel Eudora Treefroster)... I couldn't have said it better myself.

    • Kaylee Williamson

      Truth. Seriously, "Love thy neighbor"...

    • Michele Coupons

      Jesus loves ALL kinds of people! why will people never understand I don't judge you don't stereotype me

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