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Before painting, it's essential to remove all mold and mildew -- which are essentially the same -- from the surface you're going to paint. In most cases, removal isn't all that is necessary; you also have to kill the mold, or it can grow back. Bleach has long been the go-to mold killer, but it isn't necessarily as effective as other...

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How to clean a porcelain bathtub Just did this... Tub was scratched from kids toys. Looks brand new!

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Papier-mache, or paper mache, makes use of paper that would otherwise be thrown away, making it eco-friendly. In addition to being eco-friendly, paper mache conforms to any shape it is molded to. A simple cone shape can be formed with paper mache and then decorated with paint and craft supplies to create a Christmas tree, a party hat or any other...

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