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    Russ Cohn and his cohorts at NatureMill have created the motherload of composters. It recycles its weight in waste every ten days, diverting over two tons of foodstuffs from landfills over its life, which reduces emissions of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas.

    • Brenda Logan

      NatureMill Ultra Compost Bin - The Nature Mill Ultra Compost Bin is a great choice for being environmentally friendly with its 4-gallon weekly capacity, superior durability, and min...

    • Merinda D

      Great for an apartment if you have a container garden that needs compost. Mini kitchen composter- turn scraps into plant food!

    • Leilani Swafford

      Ultra Composter Silver Just add food scraps to the upper level—the heat process breaks it down—then remove compost every two weeks from the lower level. Finally, grace your garden with nature’s nutrients.

    • Patricia & Catie Knight

      NatureMill: ULTRA Automatic Compost Bin | Compost Tumbler | Composters | Composting - expensive, but beautiful

    • Leigh Weber

      naturemill ultra composting unit No trash odors, just a mild earthy aroma Hot composting process even accepts meat, fish, dairy (no worms or fermentation) Two chamber design: add food any time to the upper chamber, remove 2 gallons (8L) compost from the lower chamber every 2 weeks (depends on actual use)

    • Diana Crews

      NatureMill ULTRA Indoor Composter by NatureMill,

    • cεℓтïcεяαƨ мυƨε

      NatureMill - indoor compost bin ... Products

    • Anna Coleshaw-Echols

      Automatic indoor compost bin - a must have for any gardener!

    • Daniela Jaramillo

      Naturemill Compost bin

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    3-Bin Wire Composter for 'cold composting' - I have this in my yard for a few seasons now and use it for leaves and grass clippings. Do not add weeds to it!!! The piles do not get hot enough to kill them off and they will just wait and respread once the compost is finished and ready for use. It is a way to compost all the healthy cuttings and clippings from your property and garden. Within 2-3 months....I have beautiful compost to spread around my beds and to use in my outside pots.


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