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    • Aurelia Noble

      "That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most." A beautiful life is one of simplicity. Give me Doris Day and Julie Andrews, away with Bobby Fischer's or even Marilyn Monroe's in want of models of a life well and happily lived.

    • Jourdane E.

      This scene from the movie Up. This touched my heart because I know that deep down inside I am yearning for this kind of love; something that will last throughout the years. And the next thing I knew, I was already grabbing for a box of Kleenex to wipe-off those faucet-like teardrops. Carl and Ellie, they both are the sweetest! #Disney #Pixar #Up

    • Laurie Lynn

      One of my favourite quotes from UP. Although Russel said it this is how I feel when I'm with the one I love. It's the boring stuff I remember most. <3

    • Autumn Cherban

      FACT! Sooo true. One of the few movies that really made me cry. Love this way more than most chick flick dramas. Ok, ALL chick flick dramas.

    • Natalie Burton

      Hold close the "boring stuff." Don't take for granted the tired days where you're both quiet.... You're both together and that's the beautiful thing.

    • Grace Howard

      Disney Pixar Up - Married Life - Carl & Ellie. Best scene in the whole movie!

    • Renee Floyd-Wood

      FACT. So true - this is one of mine and JR's favorite movies.

    • Dorrie Keyes

      Love the quote, loved the movie UP.

    • Emileigh Seal

      So funny but so true.

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