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Brilliant! // A door handle that can turn your electricity and gas off when you leave.

Off - Door Handle Concept by Eun-ah Kim, Jin Hyuk Rho & Maria Rho » Yanko Design

The August Smart Lock uses its keyless technology to keep your home safe #SmartHome #HomeAutomation #ConnectedHome

Doorbell Lets You See Who’s At The Door, Even If You’re Not Home

all you need to do is sweep the crumbs in the general direction of the Eye Vac and it will suck them all up! You don’t even need to bend down!

Stick-anywhere digital clock

For when we renovate the bathroom -Tornado Body Dryer: Dry your entire body without a towel -- while still in your warm shower enclosure!

soap flakes. smart!

Gas Hob Protectors. Keep your gas range spotless—without scrubbing!

Slide to unlock

Turns red when water is hot, and blue when it's cold. i want this.

Shake the lamp to light it up, blow on it to make the lights turn off like a dandelion! So cool!

finger scan dead bolt

Hang On Outlet – cool idea

Magnetic floating sofa cloud concept.

think of the different things you could grow in the middle of the table: herbs, flowers - oh the possibilites

Sink! The surface glows red or blue to denote how hot or cold it is.

turns waste paper into pencils!!

Waterproof speakers and create sound ripples. cool concept!

Clear toaster allows you to see when it is toasted perfectly.

Turn your tablet into a retro console