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    Pardon last nights drunk texts. That tequila is one chatty bitch. @Angela Gray Gray Gray Gray Thomas Another source for funny stuff!

    Cheers bitches!!

    Lol,...... but um,.... true.

    So true!

    Ha! Sounds like me!

    Funny and true

    Omg so true

    OH so True!!

    hahahahahahaha I don't need to be drunk to say things that are better left unsaid, but you best believe if I am drunk the filter goes away lol

    They have finally made a day to celebrate my one true love, my best friend, my constant companion. Happy National Vodka Day!!


    Story of my life!!

    Oh so true!!



    yep that sounds about right

    Love this!! So true, but makes me feel better to know that it is true for so many wives that it became an e-card.