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Unsolved Mysteries is the BEST show!!!!

Hundreds of stone balls have turned up in the delta of the Térraba River, also known as the Sierpe, Diquís, and General River as well as near the towns of Palmar Sur and Palmar Norte. Balls are known from as far north as the Estrella Valley and as far south as the mouth of the Coto Colorado River. That’s a lot of territory to cover. What they were used for no one knows, but they range in size from roughly the size of a softball to as large as a Volkswagen. Who made them exactly is a mystery. How

The Unsolved Mystery of the Tunnels at Baiae | Past Imperfect- image Smithsonian Magazine

Unexplained Mysteries - Scariest Places on Earth (Episode 11) About 42 min.

Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries

The Green children who showed up on a village one day, speaking an unknown language and would only eat parts of bean pods

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA - The house that built itself.