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Was the caption a reference from Zenon? "Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom, my super nova girl" Either way, new workout playlist, now gotta start the workout...

It kills, it's butterflies with hurt built up inside them. It's everytime you hear his name, & you get a shiver down your spine, your hair stands up, get goosebumps, & a tear forms in your eye.. THATS what it feels like..

Yes! Not everyone who works out hates their body. I love mine. Working out makes for a healthier, happier me. Doesn't hurt to look good either ;) #lornajaneactive #theyearofme

for O.M.B! Eminem is a lyrical genius, I dont care what anyone says.

cuz im a spacebound rocketship and your hearts the moon, and im aiming right at you, right at you. 250,000 miles on a clear night in June, and im so lost without you, without you.

Dealing with backstabbers theres one thing i learned the're only powerful when you got your back turned!

Eminem's whole life story along and rise along with this quote is so motivating and inspiring. This happened to me and I am a firm believer.