Probably the cutest pic I've ever seen!

. Baltyk Sea Katarzyna Okrzesik Palomino Arabian youngsters Waiting for spring Arabian stallion Appaloosa Fairytale Unicorn Autumn pony Exmoor Pony Foals from Dartmoor National Park


One day, we will have our dream house in the country horses and all...

gypsy vanner horses | Gorgeous horse running! What can be more beautiful than watching ...


Cleveland Bay stallion Cholderton Issus

When a rider gazes into a horses eyes they find a part of themselves thought to never be found-anon

*horse and kitty, true friendship

'Freedom in the desert' - A beautiful horse running through the desert at sunset by Jenny Woodward

Too cute!

One day imma have my self a freashain and my horse will probably think I abandoned her

Blue roan (black + roan)

This is one of the most beautiful Appaloosa horses I have ever seen!

"I gotcha buddy"

bailey Tyylin's adopted Horses adopted him when she was 30. She goes and visits him every chance she gets

future hunter. you can't teach a horse knees like that, can you believe this baby? So Sweet!

.... I'm speechless

Miss Keller, winner of the Grade I. E. P. Taylor at Woodbine on Sunday, relaxes in her stall with her beloved stuffed bunny rabbit.