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My Bamboo is Peacock Blue

I have to say thank you to all of you for your suggestions on what color to paint the faux bamboo chest I scored last weekend while out thrifting. Quite frankly, it’s one of those pieces that would look really good in any color, but there were a few comments that coaxed me toward peacock …
  • Sharon Nicholson Gudger

    DIY - First use wood glue to repair Remove all hardware and/or hinges. 1) Clean off any debris, fill holes and make repairs (mentioned above, and here); then coat your furniture with a bonding primer; 2) when dry, lightly sand with a fine grit sanding wedge to remove any drips or residue; 3) wipe down any dust with a cloth; 4) freshen the hardware with metallic spray paint (I used ‘Gold Leaf’ by Krylon); 5) apply two light coats of paint with two cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint in ‘Night Tide’ gloss allowing to dry in between coats 6) when dry, wipe down any residue with cloth; 7) apply protective coat to seal and protect. Tip #1: when spray painting furniture, especially drawer or door fronts, it is best to apply the spray paint when the surface of the door or drawer is facing up, meaning don’t paint where it naturally sits in place. Remove the drawer or door and and lay it down on a painter’s tarp so that the surface you’re about to paint is facing the sky. I find that makes for more even application and reduces the potential for drips. Tip #2: often with spray paint, along long surfaces especially on furniture you will see a splotchy finish, which I mentioned in this article about spray paint FAQs. This is frustrating because in any light, the color is even, but the finish is not. I’ve grown increasingly bothered by this, which is why I often turn to a safe bet: painting a piece with a roller/brush combo and latex paint. However, there is an appeal to knocking out a quick paint job on a small piece of furniture with a few cans of spray paint, so I’ve been experimenting to get rid of the potential for a splotchy finish. I think I found the solution. The best way to get rid of a splotchy surface that results along long flat surfaces from spray paint is to coat it with one of these protective brush-on formulas with a cheapo sponge brush. Either one works great (Varathane or Minwax Polycrylic). They are both water based, and they can both be applied to fully cured oil based completely dry spray painted surfaces. Don’t worry that they look milky in the can, they always dry clear. Choose satin or gloss depending on your preference, and be sure to work with them when the temperature is between 60 and 75 degrees because they dry fast, and even faster in really warm weather. To appease both myself and my friend JJ, I chose a gloss finish: And that, my friends, is how this funky faux bamboo chest . . . . . . turned into this fabulous accent piece. K8 I hope I’ve convinced you: I spent $25 on this chest, and $8 bucks on spray paint. By the way, Rust-Oleum’s Night Tide is the perfect shade of peacock blue, I’ve used it here and here in the past and I find it at Lowe’s and Orchard Supply Hardware, but all stores vary their selection.


    Amazing DIY!!!!! Spray Painting Furniture - Full Step-by-Step Tutorial with lots of tips and product recommendations to achieve a perfect, smooth finish.

  • anina imhof

    Spray Painting Furniture Makeover

  • Traci Vitug

    For KG...a step by step tutorial!!! DIY - Spray Painting Furniture - Full Step-by-Step Tutorial with lots of tips and information to achieve a perfect, smooth finish.

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