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    Now I know the artists. Finally. Have known the kiss for some time. The lovers - Rene Magritte

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    Les Amants #ReneMagritte

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    #LesAmants #RenéMagritte #magritte #thelovers #love #art

  • Ksenia Tatarnikova

    In Magritte’s painting Les Amants a man and a woman are kissing. But it can’t be much fun because they have cloths over their heads so they can’t see each other. I know two lovers who could not see each other correctly. They kissed a lot but what they saw was not really the other person. It was a person each one had made up. This made them unhappy but they couldn’t stop doing it. They had to make each other up. —James Laughlin, “Les Amants.” Art Credit René Magritte.

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