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    The Gibbons House in Paris, Texas. Built by John Chisum Gibbons starting in 1883 and finished in 1884. The house has 12 large rooms. Downstairs there are two parlors on the front, separated by a wide entrance hall. The dining room is behind the south front parlor and a huge sitting room also used as a music room is behind the north parlor. The kitchen was originally separated from the house by a big open porch. Behind this was a divided room - part of this room was used for making breads, the o

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Just left to rot..


Victorian - Carson Mansion in Eureka CA--"considered the most grand Victorian home in America." William Carson (July 15, 1825 – February 20, 1912), for whom the mansion was built, arrived in San Francisco from New Brunswick, Canada in 1849. He was one of Northern California's first major lumber barons.

Chapel by the sea....


The Armour-Stiner House, also known as the Carmer Octagon House, Irvington, NY — a unique octagon-shaped and domed Victorian style house built in 1859-1860 by financier Paul J. Armour. The octagon style has been referred to as the brain house, and rightfully so. Before he designed houses, architect Orson Fowler practiced phrenology, the study of the skull’s bumps and contours to determine one’s character.

Big beautiful Old Farm House

clavicle-moundshroud: “Halcyon Hall in Millbrook, NY. www.flickr.com/...

Bridges-McKellar House in Shreveport, Louisana. Another historic home on the endangered list.

Château Bonnelles - located in the town of Bonnelles , near Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines , in the department of Yvelines in France. Various attempts at restoration, but no work done since 2011 fr.wikipedia.org/...

Fields House, 18 Fields Park Avenue, Allt-Yr-Yn, Newport. This beautiful home is better known as the house from the Doctor Who episode ¨Blink¨.

Located at 728 Austin Place in Shreveport LA the Ogilvie house was constructed in 1896 and is a 7600 sqft home. Built for a wealthy grocer and his family the house and sadly along with their original store are both listed as endangered historic properties. The house was featured in the opening credits of True Blood.

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. abandoned beach home

Abandoned, then and now

Abandoned mansion, Simmelwitz, Poland. This must have been a beautiful place once upon a time.

This gorgeous little house with a round porch was abandoned near Many, Louisiana.

Abandoned mansion in Upstate New York.