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soo true

I am totally the love child of paranoid parrot and socially awkward penguin.

Paranoid Parrot

tripping randomly all the way like a scary movie.

Paranoid Parrot

take too long in bathroom at school everyone thinks you pooped Paranoid Parrot

Paranoid Parrot.

I know identity theft is a problem, but this is probably overkill.

The Story of my life!   Paranoid Parrot

Paranoid Parrot is actually me

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Toys For Parrots


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bahahahaha i so do this cause i get so ocd that i have to check my own mind

Paranoid Parrot

Paranoid Parrot - walk to car at night carry keys like .

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This is out to my sister Sarah

It's Paranoid Parrot! #laughterheals http://www.pinterest.com/eileenwhiterose/laughter-opens-the-heart-raises-us-up/

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Paranoid Parrot: person next to me coughs...

Paranoid Parrot: person next to me coughs.

Paranoid Parrot

Paranoid Parrot life-things-that-make-me-lol

paranoid parrot uses calculator.

some days, i am Paranoid Parrot.

I need to stop watching so much Investigation Discovery.

Every time Greg closes.

Can't even describe how true these Paranoid Parrot memes are!

Paranoid Parrot

Finish test first

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