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Good basic ingredients,but lacking in spice and moisture.mince needs cooking much longer,tumeric needs adding to pastry.these are best for people…

Make Jamaican Beef Patties. I was addicted to these while I was in Jamaica. They are AMAZING!!!!!

Jamaican Beef Patties - Jamaican Food Yes sah, mi wouldn't mind fi mash up sum mother's patty yah now. Miss this :(

Get Jamaica.Com: Cocktail beef patty recipe - Jamaican Recipes

Ask for a Jamaican Patty the next time you're on island. It's flaky and deliciously filled with a variety of savory fillings. #foodie #jamaica #travel

National Library of Jamaica A must try Jamaican staple! patties #jamaicanfood #jamaica #authenticjamaica

Jamaican Beef Patty - a delicious meal in a bag...

Caribbean Food Delights Jamaican Beef Patties

cocktail hour cheese platter - lovely arrangement. This works beautifully for an cocktail hour. Gives the feeling of a cornucopia which I love.

Recipe for Jamaican Beef Patties!!!! OMG I thought I'd never get to eat another one without going back to Jamaica!!!!