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  • S J Thornley

    Beauty Icon: Dolly Parton circa 1970 | #SouthernStyle | Plus immensely talented and a very astute business woman with deep rooted family values.

  • Sallie Day

    dolly parton favorite celebrity

  • Robyn Grace Trinnaman

    Recreate Dolly Parton's Classic Look - Southern Living - Dolly Parton | Circa 1970 Living legend Dolly Parton—no really, the Library of Congress has deemed her such—may be best known for rhinestones and electric blue eye shadow. But we will always love this simpler look she sported back in the 1970s. The down-home denim shirt and restrained lip and cheek color harken back to her humble roots (the Tennessee native grew up one of 12 children in a two-room cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains), while the va-va-voom eyes and mounds of blonde hair scream star on the rise. Hello, Dolly!

  • Grace in LA

    Dolly Parton! #inspiration #beauty #legend #dollyparton

  • Cassie Pearson Cornell

    Dolly Parton. One of my favorite women of all time.

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American country music singer Dolly Parton with Porter Wagoner's Band at the KBER Radio Country Music Show, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 1967, photograph by Bob Weston.

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oh and your crazy hair.