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    Avacado Tree WTF?! you have no idea how badly i want to do this!!

    15 foods you can regrow from scraps

    How To Grow An Avocado Tree

    - How to Grow Avocado from Seed or Pit, by Rosie2010 -

    How To Grow Your Own Ginger

    16 Foods That'll Re-Grow from Kitchen Scraps

    Next time you buy green onions, save the bulb and toss it in a jar of'll have a whole new bunch in 12 days!

    How to grow avocado in a pot..

    Plant Grow Lights with Two Shelves | Gardener's Supply

    Use a lemon, orange or a grapefruit to start your seedlings. Plant the entire thing in the ground and the peels will compost directly into the soil to nourish the plants as they grow.

    I need to remember this for next year when planting my patio pots!

    Start seedlings in an egg shell and, when ready, plant the entire thing. The egg shells will naturally compost providing valuable nutrients to your plants. #kidsdinge

    How to grow apple tree from seed #gardening

    (Another) Growing Your Own Garlic. Fall is the time to plant, and no vegetable is so easy to grow and harvest.

    Grow your own Pineapple

    Regrow celery by putting the stalk (with 2 inches left) in a dish of water. Once it grows leaves, you can plant it. Use only the outside stalks and it'll continue to grow from the inside.

    How to grow an avocado From pit. If this actually works I will be the happiest girl!

    18" Starter Grow Light Stand | Full-spectrum Grow Lights for Seed Starting

    Indoor Tulips . . . Step 1 - Fill a glass container about 1/3 of the way with glass marbles or decorative rocks. Clear glass will enable you to watch the roots develop . . . Step 2 - Set the tulip bulb on top of the marbles or stones; pointed end UP. Add a few more marbles or rocks so that the tulip bulb is surrounded but not covered (think support). . .Step 3 - Pour fresh water into the container. The water shouldn't touch the bulb, but it should be very close, so that the roots will grow in.