Abandoned plantation house in Louisiana, 1938

The abandoned Belle Grove mansion in White Castle, LA. These photos were taken in 1938, years after its abandonment. When it was built in 1857 it was the largest mansion in the south and comprised of more than 75 rooms. It has since burned to the ground. Old Homes pinterest.com/multicityworld/old-homes/ multicityworldtravel.com Hotel And Flight Deals.

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Abandoned, Texas fixer upper, with southern architecture, plantation style house, makes a beautiful home

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Annandale Plantation was a historic cotton plantation and Italianate-style plantation house in what is now the Mannsdale neighborhood of Madison, Mississippi. The house was designed and built for Margaret Louisa Thompson Johnstone, the wealthy widow of John T. Johnstone. Completed during the late 1850s, it was destroyed in a fire during the mid-1920s.

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Abandonment issues: Creepy photos of doctor's deserted mansion with exam room littered with instruments and microscope slides containing slices of human kidneys Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2401848/photographer-Daniel-Marbaixs-photos-doctors-deserted-mansion-Germany.html#ixzz2dINH0Fht Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Abandoned Southern Mansion

Beautiful, huge, back to nature, in the middle of nowhere. Abandoned. So sad. Anyone know where this building is located?

Nottaway Plantation-abandoned.

Abandoned plantations

* Awesome abandoned plantation estate in Va

Rear of the "Belle Grove" mansion in Louisiana. 1938

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Oh, the stories this house could tell

Decaying portico of the Belle Grove Plantation, Louisiana, photographed in 1938. Was built in 1857 & abandoned in the 1920s, composed 75 rooms & was reputedly the largest plantation house in the South.

Belle Grove Plantation....(destroyed) My all time favorite plantation in Louisiana

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