southern way to say "be quiet!"

Southern for "stop being mean" :)

Are ya pitchin' a fit?

i say this all the time

I've been fit to be tied many times.

"I Reckon So"-- i can just hear my Aunt Edna saying this now I say it; it reminds me of old English.

Only in the south do we understand how long "be back directly" means! :)

Its a Southern thing... And my students hear me say this daily!!

I heard this so many times!!!


The south.

My Mama said this all the time :0)

I think i hear this about 10 times every day from my co-workers haha Southern hospitality

We've all had one :)

Southern Sayings: 8 x 10 Oh My Stars Print - Sweet Southern Charm Wall Art. $15.00, via Etsy. I'd forgetten this phrase...Mom used to say it all the time!!

Southern sass OMG! It's been a while since I've heard this!

Southern saying...Hush It Free Printable ~ We can try to balance that with what we say, or better yet, what we don’t say. Before letting the words leave our mouths, or the letters leaving our fingertips and hitting that “submit” button, we need to stop and think...

I've heard this countless times lol

Southerner. Love it! From Florida!

How many times have I said