To die for: Big Bouffant Hair Bun -- This is an altered version of the famous sock bun. Instead of the neatness and clean lines of your typical sock bun, this is a messy volumeized style that is absolutely adorable! I curled my ends with a 1in curling iron

Hair updo messy #promhair // http://www.missesdressy.com/blog/15-braided-prom-hairstyles-you-have-to-see.html

messy bun how to

The easiest way to get that perfect messy bun.

How To: Top Knot. She explains it quickly and so well! Oh my goodness this is the PERFECT messy bun!

Headbands of Hope — Teal Lush

Messy Top Knot Bun Hairstyle

Jenna Benna & Co thinks this awesome Chignon Bun that is so versatile for every occasion on or off campus! Incredibly classy and easy!

High Bun Tutorials: Messy bun how to

1. First, pull your hair into a loose ponytail, as high or as low as you’d like it.2.Separate the hair in your ponytail into two or three sections and tease.3.Separate your teased hair into two sections and wrap the hair in opposite directions,But, instead of pinning your hair neatly in, secure your hair with a bobby pin about an inch from the bottom of your strands, leaving the ends to fray around your bun and create a messy effect.



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