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النفس والهوى والشيطان :: رائع :: الشيخ عثمان الخميس

A white lab coat worn by Kurt Cobain at the September 1, 1991, Abend In Wien concert festival in Rotterdam, seen in the Nirvana video for “Lithium” and in the film 1991 : The Year Punk Broke . The white coat, made by Alexandro of Scotland, has an anarchy symbol drawn in black marker on the left breast pocket with an Rx written below. Across the back is text written by Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic that reads “Rabbi Dr. Hillel Bronner All one god!! Dilute! Dilute! Dilute! These are the…

Scott Kildall "After Thought" (2009), which I made while an artist-in-residence at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in New York. This is a portable personality testing kit using EEG brainwaves and flashcards, where I generate a personal video that expresses your “true” personality. I dressed in a lab coat and directed viewers in a short, 5-10 minute experiment with technology and EEG testing.

How Many People Wearing Lab Coats Do You See In This Video? It's Not As Easy As You Think

Do you see a familiar face? I'm the newest @medelita ambassador which is super exciting since Medelita is a PA owned company and their white coats are ridic. No seriously. I spilled a green smoothie on it this morning and it wiped right off (thank god). Their white coats are pricey but well worth the splurge! With ambassadorship (look at me sounding official) comes a discount code so use LIFEASAPA5740 to save 15%! P.S the M3 Miranda slim fit lab coat is my fav and will be making some…

Thanks to Tide for sponsoring our video! In this video, Gav uses pressurised air and a selection of condiments to ruin Dan's lovely new lab coat. Watch Tide'...

VIDEO: OBAMACARE, DECONSTRUCTED -- A good video about the spawning of Obama's "signature achievement" by a group called, Conservatism Is Calling - the lies, deceit, false promises, astroturf pro-Obama Doctors in white lab coats - It's all in there. Relive the nightmare.... [09/19/13]

from NY Daily News

Dead cats used to perform dance in high school biology class

The video appears to show students in lab coats performing a dance routine with the dead cats they are about to dissect.