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ModOration shares their ScenTrend 2012 Pink Pepper thoughts!

Pink Pepper - #Scentsy ScenTrend 2012!

Pink Pepper! A favorite. :) Pink pepper is found in the Scentsy Romance fragrance, RU N2 Me. (And was ScenTrend 2012 too, of course!)

Word of ScenTrend 2012: Pink Pepper hit Times Square!

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Scentsy Recipes Fall/Winter 2012 ~ I must try them all!

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Scentsy Convention 2012 will be in Vegas Baby!

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Discover the latest trend in fragrance: Pink Pepper We developed ScenTrend 2012 to fuel our customers’ passion for fragrance by helping them stay on top of the latest trends. After much testing, analyzing, and working with top experts and international fragrance houses, we identified the up-and-coming fragrance note for 2012: Pink Pepper.

Victoria, fragrance blogger at EauMG shares her Pink Pepper experiences!

January 2012 Warmer of the Month - Valentine

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#Layers by #Scentsy Hand Soap! Fall/Winter 2012