Henry Cavill-love him

Chris Evans

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Fancy while still killing the looks <3

Jensen Ackles.. I think I should just start watching Supernatural purely for this guy!

Henry Cavill

Gorgeous manga drawing! The first manga style that has made me want to give this style a try :)

from @sandyyoungphotography - #davidgandy @davidgandy_official #scottishphotography #scottishphotographer #glasgowphotographer #malemodel #nikon #edinburghphotographer

Dalton and David Cook

Matthew Daddario - Google Search

Hiya! I'm Wesley but you can call me Wes! I'm 19 and single. I'm addicted to candy and sugar. As you can probably tell I'm very energetic and I have ADHD. Anyywayssss... Introduce? (Fc: Ansel Elgort)

I seriously love his new outfit, and this is exactly why. I mean, he looks so... Oh, I don't know. He's formal, like he's dressing up for a special occassion.. like his regeneration.... :-/ That ruined the mood.

The bowtie just tops it off!

Just In case you're having a bad day, watch this, it's guaranteed to make your day better.

Tom Hiddleston. Via Twitter.

who are you? where have you been all of my life? marry me?

This is totally working for me: his haircut, his eyes, THAT BOW TIE. Even he works this facial hair better than anyone else could. Hot damn.

:) if any of you who follow this board aren't following Lisa Malbon, you should be she has tons of pics constantly.