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This is so going to be me when I'm her age!

HitFull : Family Photos: recreated!

Brightened my day a little.

9GAGfrom 9GAG

The art of Trolling

awesome pranks! too much time on your hands much? April Fools Day fun perhaps?


That’s enough internet for today…

This made me laugh so hard! This is so messed up... Hahahaha

if disney princesses hung out

Elderly couple accidentally record themselves while trying to figure out how webcam works. i just died ♥ HOW SWEET IS THAT GUY?! I love him!

The Berryfrom The Berry

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

DEAR BOYS, this is a perfect idea!

9GAGfrom 9GAG

FB profile pic replication lvl: over 9000

After searching for people with the same name as him on facebook this guy replicated their profile pics and made them his own and then sent them a friend request

Loved this show!!

Loved this show!!

Loved this show!!



So true!