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  • Jodi Cornell

    cam gigandet. ??dont know who he is..but y is he wearing a baby sling? do u know how hard that must have been to get on under a leather jacket and then put the jacket back on again. besides, theres nothing in his hands, y didnt he just hold the baby to begin with.

  • nix joyce

    Cam Gigandet is a hot baby wearing baby daddy!!

  • Jenny Wang

    hopefully my future husband will be that good looking as well ;) but it takes a real man to use a baby sling ;)

  • Christine Mork

    Cam Gigandet as a hot dad. Now this is a REAL MAN.

  • Jannah Boutilier

    there's a real man baby wearing. Cam Gigandet

  • Lolita

    Baby wearing hot guy... yes please!

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Love the respect this family shows as their children develop their own identities! Truly inspirational.

Really hard for me to believe this is james off of Twilight. I much prefer him in Burlesque :D

hello cam > :-) He is also my style - now if only I could get my husband to get a Tattoo like that they could be twins!! ;-) lovely!!

1. Religious faith/God/Justice Marji's relationship is like the relationship a girl and her father. The father always wants to protect and make sure nothing goes wrong in her life just as God does for Marji. I chose this picture because a man is holding the baby so nothing will even happen to it. This man just reminds me of a true dad.

My friends say my type is "blonde bad boys," you would never guess that from this photo..?!! Hahaha.

the way my kids looked when they were babies-- chubby, blue eyes and did I say chubby?

sweet lord id eat him with a spoon

Swarovski crystal and Nigori Feather Ivory lace headband. $28.00, via Etsy.

Fairytale Baby…make a cute book. I'd love to do this someday!!! So stinking cute!!!!!!!