Maximum wage; maybe if there was, all that excess money CEOs and the like get could come to the rest of us.

Dr. Seuss + social justice

'Tell them not to rape' India

REALITY CHECK~how many do you observe occurring in our current social and political climate? If even a few...we need to be mindful and voice our concerns. United we stand for the common and greater good and we can make a differece.

"Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want." ~Anna Lappe. Shop second hand, fair trade, organic, vegan, and local :-)

I am not against Capitalism ... I AM against Corporate Greed, Billionaire manipulation and the machinations of a corrupt, bought-and-paid-for Congress ... there is a huge difference!!

The entertainment industry exists to distract, deceive, control, manipulate & make money from us.

Howard Stern: "Democrats are Communists!" Howard Stern, a long time liberal who backed such left-wingers as Clinton, Gore, and Kerry, has finally had enough. “I have vowed, I will never vote for a Democrat again. No matter who they are. I don’t care if God becomes a Democrat. These Democrats are communists. This is communism. This is gangsterism. This is crazy.”

Wise up people! This crew has done nothing but Obstruct & will do noting for anyone but themselves. We cannot afford to continue to let these people destroy our economy, the middle class....Our Country!

A gun is your Constitutional right, an education is not... but an education is a US-ratified Universal Human Right.

oOooOo! Tell 'em Jay!

Morality is doing right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right. -- morality, religion, authoriarianism

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The "Muslim" Religion, moving nations backwards!


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Taką Wam daję mądrość na wieczór: #2pac #TupacShakur #cytat #muzyka #hiphop #rap #MuzyczneArchiwumX

Food for thought, intelligent person died not need the promise of heaven to see the merit in good deeds