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loved the rules that I had up in my daycare ... so many books! .... lots of off-key singing ... so many giggles & hugs! I was blessed!

This will be going in the playroom immediately...well as soon as I finish the other 4 projects I've started

Playroom Rules: "everyone is welcome. make music. use kind words. ignore mean ones. use please. use thank you. laugh+giggle+be silly. play fair. clean up after yourself. too much tv is bad. too much reading it good. use your imagination. try new things. take care of your stuff. share everything. except bad ideas. say you're sorry. have fun"

Except for the say your sorry, I totally love this. Not so keen on "say your sorry", it teaches kids to say it because they have to rather then becasue they mean it. Be the example and say sorry to your kids then they will learn to say it when they are sorry too.

I need this! Playroom Rules...I love this for the playroom....Thinking about using overhead projector to trace it right onto the board that covers up our circuit box in there and paint it to look like this sign. :)

Cute for the toddler's room and also a good reminder for us parents that our child is a normal toddler.

I want this for the boys room!!! of course they cant read yet so I have a few years to get one LOL