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Louis ♥<<22 reasons why I love you 1.your a total softie for kids,2. you are beautiful, saved my life , didn't change, SOML you stayed true to who you are6. in SOML you made me cry 7. you have the voice of an angel, 8. I have eaten so many carrots,9.elounor is the cutest thing I've ever seen10. I love the fray as well,

FINE THEN JUST SIT THERE AND BE SO DANG CUTE -----I'm pretty sure I've already repinned this, but it deserves to be pinned twice(:

I fucking love this Photo. This is by far my favorite photo of him. And to be honest, im not sure why

yeah thats right. make all the other boys forever unattractive

Imagine walking by and Louis has to do a double take and he stares at you like this..

Louis playing soccer omg. I don't think I've ever said on here that I have a thing for guys who play 'soccer' Well I do!! Hehe ♥

louis today omg. just. just. askadfjslfjsd (and yes, yes, I am possessively stroking my computer screen. don't judge.)

Cutest human in the universe aka : Tommo