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"Kasspatzln" - the Tyrolean version of a popular noodle dish from the greater Alpine Region. Homemade "Spatzeln" made from eggs and flour mixed with fried onions and wonderful cheeses that melt together into a dream of comfort-food goodness. YUM!

Spaetzle Dumplings Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Pamela Eaton of Monclova, Ohio #Oktoberfest

German Potato Dumplings (Kartoffel Kloesse) - flavored with nutmeg and served with browned butter sauce.

traditional Austrian recipe for bread dumplings (semmelknoedel) with mushroom sauce

Spaetzle German Dumplings

German Dumplings (Spaetzle) - this particular recipe is unusual in that it uses bacon - not typical for spaetzle...

Semmelknödel A family friend used to make this for us and my hubby has been asking me to make it, so I guess I'll give it a shot!

This German prune cake or “Zwetschegendatschi” is a wonderful cake when the prunes are ripe. In Germany the prunes are called “Zwetschgen” My mum made pans of this in the summer, when our trees were ripe with plums. =]

Spaetzle. Layered with swiss cheese baked then onions in butter poured over top. Yum!!! From DDD