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Yoga moves mmmmmm I LOVE YOGA! I end every workout with a few fluid poses. It's a nice way to bring heart-rate and breathing down and also re-stretch all those muscles you just beat up!

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The Only 30 Yoga Poses You Need to Know

The only #yoga poses you really "need" to know.

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Get Better Between The Sheets With These Yoga Poses



6 Yoga Breathing Techniques For Weight Loss

Simple Yoga Poses. Hold each for at least 30 seconds. Helps with weight loss and stress.


Top 10 Weight Training Exercises For Women And Their Benefits

Research shows that yoga is linked to not only lower stress levels, but also bone health, reduced back pain, relief from depression, and lower risk factors for heart disease, among other health benefits. Start each day with this quick and easy routine and be on your way to a better, healthier life!

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26 Common Yoga Poses

I am not quite this flexible but I wanted to share the info just to show how yoga can greatly benefit your health!.

Do the sequence one a day... and breath. you will feel better. I promise... Don't buy anything.. just start

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Toddler/Mama Yoga: A Guide to Downward-Dogging with Your Toddler

Yoga with Your Toddler! Great moves you and your kiddo will LOVE! Perfect! Juliette will have so much fun doing this with me and its a great way to get an early start on her doing yoga. This could be out mommy daughter thing!

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8 Seated Yoga Poses You Can Do from a Chair

8 Seated Yoga Poses You Can Do from a Chair via @SparkPeople

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Bikram Yoga



Sculpt Your Body in Six Easy Moves

Exercises that help you sculpt the sexiest cuts, contours, and lines; zero in on these surprising muscles!

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Take the Edge Off: A Restorative Yoga Sequence For Relaxation

Restorative yoga sequence. Hold each pose for at least five breaths. Breathe deeply.


Skip the Ibuprofen and Do These Yoga Poses For Menstrual Cramp Relief

Yoga poses for relieving menstrual cramps

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Get a Hot Yoga Body: The Yoga Booty Workout

The Yoga Booty Workout: Sculpt and tone your lower body using just your body weight and stretch your muscles from head to toe with these yoga poses from celebrity yoga instructor, Hilaria Baldwin.


Surya Namaskaras 101

When you sit for hours on end, yoga will do wonder for your back and posture :) #Yoga for flexibility.

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70 Yoga Poses To Tone, Strengthen, And Detox Your Body

70 Yoga Poses to Tone, Strengthen, and Detox Your Body | Skinny Mom | Where Moms Get the Skinny on Healthy Living - Part 2