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Skittles vodka (or Rum) Smooth, sweet and taste just like the Skittles. Can be imbibed straight, but if you add a mixer like Sprite, Ginger Ale, etc. then be careful because it taste just like a Skittles drink without the alcohol.

How to Make Skittles Vodka

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How to make Skittles Vodka - guess you can make flavored vodka from just about anything.

Much more clever than the Skittles vodka... Jolly Ranchers completely dissolve and don't need to be strained out!

Jolly Ranchers Vodka - Much more clever than the Skittles vodka. Jolly Ranchers completely dissolve and don't need to be strained out.

My standard recipe, soaking 10 Skittles for every ounce of vodka. It doesn't really matter what type of vodka that you use (because it tastes like Skittles), but I typically use Smirnoff. I soak the Skittles overnight and shake them up at least 3 times during soaking.   To strain the Skittles, I use the cheapest coffee filters. 2 filters at a time (stacked on top of each other), but changing them frequently as the gunk starts to collect at the bottom of the filter.

Skittle Bombs: take bottles of unflavored vodka and packs of skittles, pick a skittle color and put them all in a bottle, shake until they dissolve, freeze to chill before serving - These are so good! Approximately 10 skittles per ounce of vodka.

Mad Scientist Jell-O Syringes

Mad Scientist Jell-O Shot Syringe

Candy Flavored Vodka ~ Soak 1 cup candy in vodka for two days for a delicious treat. (Pictured: Candy cane vodka + hot chocolate= a perfect way to warm up on a cold, wintery day!

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aurora drink- glows like the Northern Lights under a black light. 2 liters Gin or Vodka 9 Liters Tonic Water Bottles Roses Mojito Passion, OR Canisters of Pink-Lemonade Concentrate Ice. Maybe one day when Im legal ;