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i love mamas with their kitties

I'm a single mom of two babies. we adopted a Maine Coone kitten who was the baby of a single mom that had 3 babies and luckily a foster home took them all in. My kitten was the "momma's boy" . and he still is . but I'm the mom

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How could you ever resist an adorable smooshy face like this? * * Nobodys kin resist, 'cept I iz a tabby kitteh.only Persians have 'smooshy' faces.

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We've been using Pretty Litter for over a year, and we love it! It's so much less messy than clumping litter, and it lasts a whole month for one cat.

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Such an unending variety of patterns, colors and yes, personalities. how a sweet is this kitty

Mama and her babies

Cyoot Kittehs of teh Day: Proud Mama her face is so charming and beautiful!