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Lois Long in her office at the New Yorker.jpg

Hemingway, you handsome sonofabitch.

(see what I did there?)

Marlon Brando in his perfect, shimmering, and too-ephemeral dawn.

There go my pants.

A kindness and humor that is obvious in every photograph. You guys can keep your Channing Taintfarts and whatnot - Gene Kelly's my kind of dude.

I haz phone book. You can reads it to me?

"In The Heat Of The Night": that scene! The one where he instantly, without hesitation, slaps the wealthy white guy right back. It's perhaps the most thrilling strike in cinematic history. More is going on in Poitier's eyes in that moment than I've seen in most actors' entire films.

"Alright, so I'm extraordinary. What of it?" - Lawrence of Arabia

As Adam Sandler or Bernard Levi once said, "What a fine-lookin' Jew."

Anjelica Huston = The "It Girl" of a better decade.

I mean, come ON.

Wit + beauty + kindness + truckloads of talent. And one hell of a mischievous smile. There really should be 100 million more of her.

Good LORD. Clint E by Michael Ochs

Warren Beatty could seriously have been deployed as a Cold War defense system.

Impossible to pick just one amazing photo of Faye D.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty as Bonnie & Clyde, a movie that exists solely to inspire fashion shoots.

Omar Sharif in Dr. Zhivago. If I were Lara, I'd have never gotten on that stupid train.

Kneel before Zod.

Ralph Fiennes. A performer of such commitment and transformation, who stays out of the public light to protect you, who must forget him and know only who he is on the screen at that moment. And—even as a terrifyingly cruel and psychotic SS officer—one hell of a dreamboat.

I love this serious moment for an otherwise wackadoo Lucille Ball

Isabella Rossellini

Hedy Lamarr: Movie star, inventor of WiFi. True story! She patented a frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum, radio-guided torpedo which would be harder for enemies to detect, using experiments involving synchronizing 20 player pianos—a basis for today's WiFi. (Today she would be, irritatingly, called "quirky".)

Louise Brooks

"If you existed, I'd divorce you." -- Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf