Hand soap dishes, in sign language- "ok", "good luck" & "i love you". Or make a bottom and cut the top center and use for a holder, pens, paint brushes, etc.

Hands "Bowl"

James Croak, Hand Series #3.

Ceramic Bird Plates, set of 2 from Lee Wolfe Pottery

HENNA. students trace their hands in clay, design, and lay clay in a bowl for shape. Community.

Japanese Pottery Tools. How to make slab dishes and trays with a "platemaker".

Playful hand-built mugs beg to be held and stroked... -- Luna Vida Pottery

lizard hand built vase

The Pottery Patch (FL) Www.potterypatchstudio.com

Cheese Stone - place in oven to warm a soft cheese or store in freezer to serve cool food. Also works well for small pizzas, appetizers or desserts. // farmhousepottery.com

Wax Resist Leaves with Irin Oxide, pottery by Martha Silver

An absolute goldmine of shared knowledge on pottery Shrinking, firing processes, repair and restoration, etc.

how to make a better homemade sink trap for your pottery studio. Ceramicartsdaily.org

Laurie Eisenhardt

Hand Built Pottery Ideas | Tokoname Pottery Animals I | Hand built pottery ideas

Linoleum Impressed Slab Trays

Set of 3 Fish Shaped Art Pottery Serving Plates

Pottery Jewelry $24. Proceeds help fund an adoption from Uganda

Mama and Baby Bird bowls in new glazes from Lee Wolfe Pottery

Lavender Blush Eggplant Purple Candle holder, Handmade Pottery THE ORIGINAL Star Candileria / Ceramics / Mothers Day on Etsy, $20.00

Mugs - Blue Heron Pottery