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How to Recognize a Deer Tick and Protect Yourself Against Lyme Disease

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites. Making fun outdoors with kids who have bad reactions to bites. Many safe ideas to try this year to protect my 6 month old & 4 year old.

Protecting Your Family From Ticks [Infographic] | Lyme Disease & Other Tick Borne Diseases |

How To Get Rid of Head Lice. A natural and homemade remedy that works and is cheaper than store bought treatments! Also ideas for preventing head lice, and treating linens and furniture.

  • Jessica Rogers

    The oil suffocates the live and breaks down the glue they use to attach the eggs to the hair. Not to mention makes it easier to comb through the hair. Make sure to comb in small sections and once you are done with one direction go back over the sections in another direction...

  • Maria Galvan

    Does anyone know how much alcohol to add in a 8 oz bottle for the spray?

  • Jessica Rogers

    Just add the mix to hairpray or just add tea tree oil to the hairspray

  • Renee Ravenott Lara

    Omg girls thanks for all these tips. One daughter has black curly hair, 1 has blonde fine hair & THEY GET IT EVERY OTHER MONTH FROM SCHOOL :/ Ive tried EVERYTHING. ITS SUCH A STRESSOR!

  • Jessica Rogers

    Put their hair up in a bun/braid/ high ponytail and then spray with hairspray really good!!!

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Great DIY Idea for our home :)

How to keep ticks out of your garden and off of you

  • Margaret Alexander Wallace

    Good suggestions! Use octogon soap to wash away ivy oils, and use Skin so soft to repel ticks, fleas, and fire ants!

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally Do you fear your kids coming home with head lice? Do you wonder how to get rid of head lice naturally, without having to use those dangerous chemicals? Fear no more, I’ve got you covered. Anyone scratching their head yet?

  • Heidi Gray

    Massage the hair and scalp with mayonnaise, cover with a plastic shower cap, and leave overnight. The next morning, the lice should be dead. Unfortunately, you can’t smother lice eggs (nits) - you’ll still have to remove them with a nit comb. Petroleum jelly can also suffocate lice. Apply a thick layer and leave on over night, then shampoo. (Note: It may take quite a few shampoos to remove all the jelly.) A final rinse with a 50:50mixture of white vinegar and water will help kill off eggs and remove oily residue. Essential oils can kill lice and ease itching. Combine 20 drops tea tree oil with 15 drops each of rosemary, lemon and thyme, and mix with 3-4 tablespoons olive oil. Massage mixture into dry hair, cover with a plastic shower cap and leave for an hour before shampooing out. If you do decide to go for a chemical 'cure', at least there are now some natural alternatives to conventional brands. Ask your pharmacist about Wild Child's Quit Nits, which is based on sandalwood essential oil, or Ego’s MOOV, a blend of eucalyptus and lemon tea tree oils. Two or three days later, perform detection combing again using a fine-toothed comb (sold in pharmacies and some supermarkets) – lice eggs can still hatch after treatment.

  • Brianna Cooke

    Wow a lot of great info Heidi!! Thanks

How to Kill Ants- quick, totally nontoxic and you probably already have this on hand! Cornstarch. Who knew?

  • Audrey Sauvageau

    My ants seemed to think that cornstarch was just fine. They don't like WD40.

How to Make All-Natural Mosquito Bite Remedy

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How to React to a Wildlife Encounter | 22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping

  • Anna Perell

    What about this Camper Clan ?

  • Jack Burke

    There is absolutely no support for playing dead on grizzly attacks on the Canadian Government website.

  • John Logan

    Best way to avoid encounters is to make your pressence known by speaking loud. Allmost all wildlife don't want contakt with humans.

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